About us




About us

We are Brazilian entrepreneurs, with BS in Economy and Engineering from Mackenzie University in Sao Paulo, residents in the USA and working in international trade with the orient since beginning of 1980s.

We operate with offices in Miami/USA, Shenzhen/China and São Paulo/Brazil, working as commissioned commercial representatives and agents from the manufacturers or under service contracts with the Brazilian clients; our work is not marked up on the manufacturer's invoices which allow the imported goods to clear customs in Brazil without paying unnecessary added taxes and duties and consequently providing the clients with the lowest possible costs of imported goods delivered in their warehouses.
Our structure also allows us to operate in partnership on certain occasions, importing goods through associated trading companies and having responsibility over the entire process, since the placement of orders with the foreign manufacturers until the delivery of goods to the distributors in Brazil; in addition, we may eventually provide a credit line for the payment of duties and taxes when clearing customs in Brazil, which are quite substantial, ranging from 60% to 120% on the CIF price.
Our experience and know how, allied to our working ethics and efficient productivity, does certainly benefit both foreign manufacturers searching clients and placement for their products in Brazil's booming economy as well as in-country distributors seeking for the best deals in imported goods.

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